Thursday, 30 October 2014

Athletics goals 2014

High jump
Jumping in the right spot

Long jump
Getting longer

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

13 Storey Treehouse Minecraft


WALT: Create via Collaboration

What are we doing?
 We are buiulding a 13 storey treehouse on minecraft because we have read the book in class and we wanted to express our creativity by making what we think it looks like

Why are we doing it? 
We are doing it to collaborate.
How are we doing it?
We are all doing it by 1 group all going into the same MINECRAFT world.
 Who is in my group?
In my group is Me Kate Inara Olivia and Sopie.
 What is your group building?
My group is building the trunk, the game room and the main deck.
 Where do we do it?
We are doing it in the teachers office because it dosen't disturb anyone.
 How often do we do it? 
We are doing it once a week for 40 minutes.

Positive: (What are the good things about doing this?)
My positive is that its great that we can all coperate and MINECRAFT is cool.

Minus: (What are the tricky or not so good things about doing this?)
My minus is that you can only have 5 people on.

Interesting: (What is something that you find interesting about this Eg: Not good or bad)

How interesting the everyone manged to be fine to have to miss there turn.