Thursday, 31 March 2016

New Zealand vs Marseille

I made a timeline comparing Marseille history and New Zealand history over the last 2000 years. As you can see by this timeline Marseille is all along it and New Zealand is bunched up at the newer end of the timeline.

Friday, 25 March 2016


So many differences to your life back in NZ! Do you think you would like to live in a big city and catch a range of transport to go places? What would be the advantages/disadvantages I wonder?


I do not think I would like to live in a big city because 

a. there are heaps of slow moving traffic jams
b. if the lift breaks down in your high rise apartment and you live on the top floor you would have to walk up a lot of steps, we live on floor 5 of 8
c. too many people in things like shops so they get sold out of the good things/things on sale really quickly.
d. A lot of car and people noise
e. feels different
f. not much grass and no backyard at our place
g. we are having to walk a lot (a real lot) and carry our groceries home.  It is a lot easier to have a car. 


Some advantages

a. a lot more shops and different types shops

b. lots of things to do and see

c. really good trains, busses and trams

d. big football and rugby games






Today I went to the boulangerie.  It is less than 100 metres from our apartment.  You have to order in French.  You say “je vondrais quart croissants sil vous plait” to get four croissants.  It costs 80 cents per croissant.  Overall it costs €3.20.  Perfect. The croissants are soft and better than they ones in New Zealand.  

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Fort Saint-Jean

The Fort Saint Jean is a military complex that has a lot of history in Marseille. Although the foundations date back to the late 12th century, the fort was built on the site of Saint John of Jerusalem base in the 17th century, when Louis XIV decided to reinforce the city’s defenses. It functioned as a military building for more than three centuries. During the Second World War, it was used by the Germans as military storage and was seriously damaged by an accidental explosion in 1944. We were able to climb one of the towers and walk along the front of the fort. It's about a minutes walk from our apartment and we've already walk in and around it just because we like it so much. 


Friday, 18 March 2016

Hong Kong

On Monday we went to Hong Kong. We used seven different types of travel in one day. First we arrived in the plane to Hong Kong airport. Then we took a taxi from the airport to our hotel, the city garden hotel. Then we met up with Edwin, an old work friend of mums and went on the subway to central station. Then we took the Star ferry from Hong Kong island to Kowloon island. We walked around Kowloon for a bit then we got tired of riding shanks ponies/feet so we went on a double decker bus and a mini bus to a crazy temple. People were setting incense sticks on fire and waving them around. Then onto the subway and under the water between the islands back to fortress hill, by our hotel. 
What a crazy day it was.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Family Tree

Description: In ET Reo we have been making a family tree. Have a look at my good copy it goes back at least to great great grandparents.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

One Word

Description: First we had to choose our one word. I chose balance because I need to spend an even amount of time on things like writing and maths because I hate writing but love maths. We shared our one words though Twitter. Then we decided to do some funky art. Elly took our photo and we pretended to be holding a sign. Then we measured the gap between our fingertips and drew the measurements into our writers notebook. We had to do two practises before we could do the real thing. I did a set of scales and the leaders evenly balanced and regular intervals. Have a look at what I managed to do.

Ff you need to work on colour because it to dark.
Fb I like the word balance because I is not all about work.

Evaluation: I agree with you Angus because it does not really pop and it is really dark.
But I like the scales it shows balance and I like how I can use balance out of school.
I think it will challenge me to spend more time on things I don't like.

Goals for camp

Description: We have set some goals for camp. They are goals that are relevant to our one word. We aim to achieve them during camp. Have a look below to see my goals: