Tuesday, 12 April 2016


In Roussillon I found a sundial. The first sundials were created in 1500 BC by the ancient Egyptians. The Romans and Greek refined this in 200 BC. It is based on earths movement around the sun. The times are written on the base and the shade shades the correct time. At first I didn't know how it works but I look at the instructions and that made it clearer but now days you could just use your digital watch. Sundials are a bit large to carry round as you can see in the photo.

Friday, 8 April 2016

American Tank

A tank in the middle of the street! I wonder what that's about?! It still lays where it was shelled by the Germans in WWII in the liberation of the Notre Dame de la garde on the 25th of August 1944. It was part of the three armoured American vehicles that took part. It's a hero of freedom here in Marseille. They did not want to be separated from it.

Food in France

Here there is lots of food from France and beyond. Lots of croissants, waffles and baguettes. The croissants tender, the waffles delicious and the baguettes fresh and yum. The super markets are also allowed to sell liquor like rum and whiskey. At markets the are pizza trucks that have massive wood ovens in them. They cook your bit of pizza right in front of you. The dessert numbers in the super markets are over powering. They have four fridges full of desserts. It's crazy, chocolate ones, coffee ones, vanilla ones, caramel ones and even yogurt ones. But one thing that we can't fing is Heinz aioli, they have Heinz tomato sauce but no aioli.