Thursday, 29 October 2015

Free Verse Poem

Free verse poem

Roller Coaster

I am nervous, Butterflies bumping around in my tummy.
 It stops. A deafening silence.
Is there something wrong? Are we in trouble? Do I need to panic?
I look down. 
People moving about like tiny ants.
I am nervous, palms are getting sweaty
Round and round.
Upside down 
loop da loop
Round and round.
My cheeks get pushed back, but it's only the wind.
It slows down.
It's over.
Its a relief!
I'm still alive!
I survived!
But I get straight back in the line to have another go....

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Dicovery time

Today for discovery I play a game that James and Logan created

I showed creativity by helping James and Logan create some new rules.

I showed agency when  the new rules diddent work I got advice from other players rather than just Logan and James.

I showed exelence by winning

Next week for discovery time I will make a Maison in Minecraft.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Pre reading activity

  1. Title - the title of This Land We Call Home sounded weird because it's there home land and I wonder were it is and I wonder why its this land we call home rather than the land we call home.

Cover Design - This Land We Call Home look take a title of war with Japan because the cherry blossoms are Japan's nation signiture.

Blurb - It sounds spooky and I have played the Pearl harbor bombings on ps2 and it was cool and I want to find out what the implications on the world were.

  1. Predictions I think that some Japanese people are living in California when world war 2 kicked off and the americans want the Japanese people out of America incase they were bombers.