Thursday, 3 March 2016

One Word

Description: First we had to choose our one word. I chose balance because I need to spend an even amount of time on things like writing and maths because I hate writing but love maths. We shared our one words though Twitter. Then we decided to do some funky art. Elly took our photo and we pretended to be holding a sign. Then we measured the gap between our fingertips and drew the measurements into our writers notebook. We had to do two practises before we could do the real thing. I did a set of scales and the leaders evenly balanced and regular intervals. Have a look at what I managed to do.

Ff you need to work on colour because it to dark.
Fb I like the word balance because I is not all about work.

Evaluation: I agree with you Angus because it does not really pop and it is really dark.
But I like the scales it shows balance and I like how I can use balance out of school.
I think it will challenge me to spend more time on things I don't like.

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  1. I'm really pleased to hear that your word is challenging you to spend more time on things you don't like! Sometimes spending time on these things can be really rewarding! And you never know, by trying new things, you might just start to like them too! How have you used 'balance' to enhance your learning so far this year?