Friday, 25 March 2016


So many differences to your life back in NZ! Do you think you would like to live in a big city and catch a range of transport to go places? What would be the advantages/disadvantages I wonder?


I do not think I would like to live in a big city because 

a. there are heaps of slow moving traffic jams
b. if the lift breaks down in your high rise apartment and you live on the top floor you would have to walk up a lot of steps, we live on floor 5 of 8
c. too many people in things like shops so they get sold out of the good things/things on sale really quickly.
d. A lot of car and people noise
e. feels different
f. not much grass and no backyard at our place
g. we are having to walk a lot (a real lot) and carry our groceries home.  It is a lot easier to have a car. 


Some advantages

a. a lot more shops and different types shops

b. lots of things to do and see

c. really good trains, busses and trams

d. big football and rugby games





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