Sunday, 22 March 2015



We have been learning about transformation.  We have specifically learnt that...

  • translation is when an object slides in any direction;

  • rotation is when an object is turned around a central point;

  • reflection is when an object is flipped and has a line of symmetry.

Our challenge was to design a car badge that contained at least one of these aspects of transformation.   

Big Idea:
Feedback/feedforward: Lachie I think you did really well at explaining your item you got a lot of words in your badge. Feedforward you could work on trying to make them the Same size. #Maraki

I like how my badge represents me with the guns but I need to make the guns the same size because I was rushing. If I did it again I'd ether do an animal or guns again but make them the same size.


  1. Thanks for your honest evaluation Lachlan! I'm not sure what Maraki meant in his feedback/feedforward about 'a lot of words in your badge' - do you know what he means? If you did this again, I wonder if you could include other sorts of transformation as well?

  2. A lot of words like reflection, translation, order and lines of symmetry. Maraki