Sunday, 21 June 2015


Once there was a wimpy wallaby living in a rusty tin shed in San Francisco . The tin shed was as old as the Great Wall of China which is 2714 years old. The tin shed smelt like a rotten egg.The Wallaby had Brown fur with a black dot above his left eye. He was called Willy the Wallaby. It was steaming  in San Francisco. Every Morning the willy would get up and eat his worms in front of the Dream Life sign. It was the most valuable house in the world, It was worth over $10 000 000.50. 

Then he saw a house that looked exactly the same across the street. He thought Yippy. Then he set foot to go cross the road. But there was one little problem, there were motorised vehicles. 
He thought and thought and thought some more but finally he had a plan. 

There were big cracks in the road. So he walked 2m and then saw a car coming so he leapt straight into a crack.  But when he tried to get out he couldn't. He was 10 cm away. Then his tail got ran over. Then so randomly a wallaby popped out of the tail and went and lived in that house. So the other wallaby tried to get out and then after 10 try's he popped out. He tried over and over again to grow another tail but instead he grew another wallaby. He thought to himself OMG!
He gave up trying to walk so The new Wallaby (Bobby Jones) started dragging him everywhere.

The End   
By Jaiden & Lachlan 

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