Wednesday, 11 May 2016


Normandy is a Provence in northern France where the allied services launched the largest seaborne invasion in history. On the 6 of June 1944 is when thousands of allied troops spilled onto Normandy beaches trying to drive the Germans out of France. There were five beaches the allies were trying to capture. Omaha and Utah where the ones the Americans were trying to capture. Gold, Juno and Sword were the beaches the rest of the allies were trying to capture. The Normandy sites are spread along 120 km of coastline. I was tasked to find out which places to go to and why. These are the places we are going to go to:

Juno beach because it has a Sherman tank I want to see.
Omaha beach has the American cemetery dad wants to go to because there is 10,000 head stones.
Utah beach has the landing craft they landed in and the Utah Beach Landing Museum, the best museum on D'Day.
Gold beach has the Longues Battery where the Germans were shooting at the allied.
Caen memorial museum is a museum in France..

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