Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Marae trip

WALT: write a recount

That means we are writing about an experience that we have had.

Success Criteria:
  • Write what we enjoyed
  • Write about how we felt
  • Add detail about what I did
  • Write about what it looked like
I enjoyed playing ki o rahi because it was my first time ever playing it.  It was so fun. It's a bit of rugby, basketball and netball. I felt nervous because it was my first time playing it. there one team called rapo and one called the taniwhas. one team has to run around making the ball touch 1 2 or 3 poles then they had to dive into the middle circle. the other team had to tag the other team then you had to drop the ball. there was a wheelly bin in the middle. It ended up in a draw 3-3.

Ebony says: I thought you would enjoy that game. Perhaps you could help teach others in the class how to play sometime. You did a great job adding detail about what you did and how you felt. I wonder if you had more time if you could tell us a bit more about what happened during your game. Did you get a try? I bet that would feel awesome!

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