Monday, 7 April 2014


WALT: Eveluate

WeetBix Tryathlon
WALT: share an experience with an audience
Success Criteria:
Share an experience so that someone else feels as thought they are experiencing it with you.
Share what you learnt
Share what you would do differently next time

In the weet-bix you have to swim 100 meters, bike 4km and run 1.5km. I did it all. I was in the first group to hop in the pool. I swam and swam finally I got out of the pool third. I got to transition I had to put on my shoes which took a while. I learnt I should have all my stuff ready in transition. Next time I shouldn't wear lace ups. Now I'm on my bike and biking round the streets. I had to go round a really sharp corner. Next I was biking along the river front, there were also other bikers to watch out for. Finally I was able to dump my bike. Now it's the run, I'm huffing and puffing but I'm going quite fast and I'm passing some 9 year old girls and I'm only 8. Then finally I'm done, I'm so happy. I get a medal and a drink. Now I go get some weet-bix bites. It was such awesome day. My Mum, Dad, Nana and Connor were I there to watch.

Next time I shouldn't wear lace ups

 I learnt I should have all my stuff ready in transition

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