Thursday, 13 November 2014


 My Goal is to: Use a variety of appropriate planning tools to develop ideas.    

Ryan Cheese is a smart, strong, cool and only 9. One day his mum Rebecca Cheese and his step dad Bruce Cheese were having a party. When Ryan went home his mum was. Dead. Dad you killed mum cried Ryan and Josie. 
3 days later. Ryan woke up. He felt drowsy. 

Ok let me think of an excuse. Ok. I've thought of an excuse. So what happened was trolls raided my house. They looked as gross as Eli oderens feet. They said surrender everything so I smasssssssssshhhhhh the window then I jump out to be greeted by lions. 

. Dry suits and wet suits also keep you warm because dry suits don't let any water in. Trapping a thin layer of air so your body heats the air up so that means you could go diving in Antarctica. You couldn't go diving in Antarctica in a wet suit because wet suits let water in and your body warms up the water. 

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