Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Swimming SMART Goals

The last few weeks we have been swimming in the school pool. We are practicing swimming for swimming sports. Swimming sport's is a big school swimming event.

Big idea:
We have been setting SMART goal's about swimming.  

My goal's are:
To get 1st in breastroke, backstroke and freestyle
Our pool
Start like a arrow because I start like a worm.
Keep my butt still because I wiggle it while I swim and go of coarse.


 The only goal I didn't achieve is the one at swimming sports because I came 2nd in breaststroke.
Our pool
I know I've achived my goal because now I start as straight as a arrow
 I know I'v also achived this goal because now I go straight rather than veer off course.


  1. From Wendy (mum): Great work Lachlan. I like that your goals were not only about winning but about improving your technique. I have noticed that you are now diving more like an arrow and keeping your body structure while swimming. Great job and also well done on your success at the swimming sports.

  2. Lachlan, I agree with you and your evaluation, you have been able to refine your style and have been a stand out swimmer in our group. Your efforts on the Swimming Sports day reflected that. Hard luck about breast stroke, get em next year.