Sunday, 30 August 2015

Maths Portfolio Sample

  Description: in maths we have been working with troy. We have been focusing on mutipling and dividing decimals. When wim not working with troy i am doing work from my NZCM stage 7 book. In stage 7 I have been focusing on propositional ajusment. My go to strategy would be known facts.  


Big Idea: my goal is to use the most effective stratigy for the question I get.

  in the second question I did known facts and splitting. I split 176 into 160 &16 when I work out that 5x32 = 160 and you can't divide 16 by 32 so you will need 6 buses because you can't have half a bus or leave 16 people behind. 

The first strategy I  used known facts. I went 30x5= 150 & 2x5=10 then I added 10+150 witch equals 160 so you need another bus so you don't leave anyone behind. So you get 6 buses.

In the third picture I used kf. I went 15x13=195 then I went 13x.10=1.30 then I - 1.30 off and got 193.70. Sorry I got the 2.30 wrong it was 1.30.

In the fourth picture I used PVP. I split the 14.90 into 14 and 90 and went 14x13 which equals 182 & 90x13=1170 but then you have to put the decimal back in so you have 11.70. Then you add 182 & 11.70 which gives you an answer of 193.70. Comment below if you got a different answer on any of the questions what it was and how you got it.

Feedback/feedforward: I think you have done well getting two strategies for two questions quickly to. just You can name your strategies so it is easier. By Maraki

Evaluation: I reckon I did well on using the most effective stratigy because I got quick effective answers on most of them but next time I will try to use the best stratigy on all of the questions.

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  1. Lachlan, you have explained your strategies effectively in your big idea which is great to see, thanks for taking the time to do this. I wonder if people could follow what you did without it?