Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Free Verse Poetry

I am nervous, Butterflies bumping around in my tummy.
 It stops. A deafening silence.
Is there something wrong? Are we in trouble? Do I need to panic?
I look down. 
People moving about like tiny ants.
I am nervous, palms are getting sweaty
Round and round.
Upside down 
loop da loop
Round and round.
My cheeks get pushed back, but it's only the wind.
Someone spewed, It smelt disgusting 
It's like I could almost taste it
It slows down.
It's over.
Its a relief!
I'm still alive!
I survived!
But I get straight back in the line to have another go....

1. I think I did well with the five senses because I used all of them. The most powerful one I used was feeling the wind against my face.

2.I think I used language features wisely because most of the language features I used are the ones that Troy said to use but I could use alliteration next time.

3. Next time I could use more language features because I used quite a few but not alliteration.

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