Wednesday, 25 November 2015


Description: This term we have been doing inquiry. We do it on Thursdays. At the start of the term we went around all the inquiry groups. We then chose our favourite. I chose impact prodjejs because I had enough an idea that I knew I could turn into something big. I am setting up a science experiment pack for the jouniours. I need to make it fun but they also need to learn stuff.

Helping future generations: My thing will help people in the future under stand that science is fun but it will teach the about the things my experiments are about.

I am thinking outside the box by doing crazy experiments. Like dancing raisins.

What made me choose this inquiry?
I am passionate about science and teaching that science is work and fun.

How will my inquiry impact the future? 
My inquiry will impact the future by teaching kids about chemicals like CO2, H2O and O.

Did I achieve my goal?
I achieved my goal because I have now set up a science pack for the jouniours that teachs them a range of things.

How did I show Agency, creativity and excellence? 

I am being creative because I could have made the experiments boring but I made them snappy and exiting. I showed agency by finishing my project. I showed exelence by making my pages readable

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