Sunday, 28 February 2016


FDescription: Today me finis, Mike and Telina made a movie on the three different types of listening. Active listening, me two listening and busy listening

Big idea: Active listening is we're your really engaged and interested in what they are saying. Me to listening is where your story is more important the the other persons story and busy listening is when the thing you're do is more important the there story And your hardly listening to there story.

Fb I like how you shared parts for the movie
FF you need to have a louder voice

Evaluation: I think we did well at acting the different listening but we definitely need to speak louder cause I could only just hear us.
I also think that I'm going really well at being an active listener.

1 comment:

  1. You have created a great little movie showcasing 3 different types of listening! Well done! I feel bad, because we put a time limit that said it could only be 30 seconds! You really needed a bit of extra time didn't you? Sorry about that. I can see that you think you are an active listener - why? How do you know?