Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Waitangi Day

RDescription: We watched a video about Waitangi Day. Then we had to think up some open questions about Waitangi. An open question is one that has more than 1 answer or has a long answer. We did not want to do a closed question.



1. Why did the English do the treaty rather than take all of the land? 
Because a war would have cost a lot of lives. English and Maori. 

2. When did the English completely colonise New Zealand?

3. When did Waitangi Day become a public holiday?
6th of Febuary 1960.

4. Why did the English want New Zealand?
Because they started to have to many people and the wanted to expand there horizons. 

5. Why was it made a public holiday?
Because it's important to be FREE.

6. How many chiefs in New Zealand were there at the time when the treaty was signed and who were the key players?
There were 1840 Cheifs in New Zealand at the time the treaty was signed but only approximately 500 Chiefs signed the treaty. James Reddy Clendon, Tamati Waaka Nene, Hone Wiremu Heke Pokai, Reverend Henry Williams, James Busby, Captain William Hobson and Lord Normanby were the key players in the treaty of Waitangi.

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