Tuesday, 24 June 2014


WALT: Gain an understanding from a text

1) Has Matariki always been popular with New Zealanders? 
I don't think that matariki has always been popular in New Zealand as barely anyone knew about it.
2) What constellation is Matariki found in?
The constellation that matariki is found in is Taurus.
3) What does Matariki translate to in English?
Matariki means eyes of the god or little eyes in English.
4) What does the sighting of Matariki signify?
Sighting Matariki signifies the Moari new year is about to start.
5) If Matariki is Hazy and Unclear to see, what type of season will be expected?
If matariki is hazy it means it will be a cold, lean season 
6) What are the different stories that people believe of Matariki?
The stories that some people believe about matariki are that the stars are 7 sisters or that the stars of matariki are members of Te Whanua Marama.

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