Wednesday, 25 June 2014


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This is my writing about insulation hope you learn something


Have you ever wondered what insulation is? Well I'll tell you. There are lots of types of insulation they are pink batts,wet suits,dry suits,space suits,fur and blubber. The insulation in houses is usually pink candy floss (pink batts). 

Pink batts are made of fibreglass which keeps heat in. It is like putting a massive jersey on your house. If you don't have insulation it is like going to the mountains in winter and thinking you'll stay warm.

 Dry suits and wet suits also keep you warm because dry suits don't let any water in. Trapping a thin layer of air so your body heats the air up so that means you could go diving in Antarctica. You couldn't go diving in Antarctica in a wet suit because wet suits let water in and your body warms up the water. 

Another form of insulation is in space suits. Sometimes it can be hot or cold in space. In the space suits they have liquid layers. Liquid layers are layers of tubes filled with water. They can put in hot or cold water.

Insulation is used to keep in hot or cold water or air and that's what insulation is.

Evaluation: I reckon I did well but I could make it more visual.

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